That Dog Was A Band Now have been playing with each other since 2013, despite the fact that they are sometimes separated by thousands of miles of distance. Their unique sound-- which is defined by an active accordion, bad-ass banjo, and honest vocals-- has helped them gain a loyal international fanbase. That Dog Was A Band Now has played 4-hour sets in rough & rural American bars, rocked outdoor weddings for big fans in beautiful California Redwood Forests, been given hour-long featured sets on several public radio stations and mainstage slots at major cultural festivals, and popped up as buskers on all sorts of city streets around Canada, Europe, and the USA. 

After a brief hiatus, the band spent the Spring of 2016 reunited in California. That June, they hit the road with their debut (self-titled) EP in hand; recorded in Eureka, California with Timmy Gray of Myrtletown Records. They proceeded to tour the USA and Canada from coast to coast, and then back to the first coast, until late September.

Their 2017 tours were sweet, playing in Sweden, Denmark, Amsterdam, Western Canada, and Germany, and recording their first full-length album, which will be released by Santa Rosa Records.




In 2016,

That Dog Was A Band Now toured "In The Trenches: A Double Feature" from Blue Lake, California, to Canadian Fringe Festivals in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and Vancouver.

The show was a double feature: a tragic clown comedy that takes place in the trenches of World War I, created for Jared Mongeau's thesis when graduating from Dell 'Arte International School of Physical Theatre's MFA program, and a contemporary take on a classic Commedia Dell 'Arte scenario.

Dustin Allen, Jared Mongeau, Brittny Rebhuhn, Linus Wiberg, and Patrick Stagaman were on the road from early June until late September with this piece of theatre.

Here is some selected praise:

“Clowns in combat. That’s the opening volley in this physical comedy show from an international troupe of players from Canada, the U.S. and Sweden, collaborating on a skilled display of slapstick that leavens what otherwise might be grim content. Against a backdrop of trench warfare, the head-knocking, pratfalling violence between three soldiers is so expertly performed, we barely notice that the character who starts off as most sympathetic is transforming into something else altogether. “
-Winnipeg Free Press

“Excellently timed movements and minimal dialogue create a surreality which contrasts the setting, highlighting the absurdity of violence. Moments of raw emotion hold space amongst the slapstick laughs. Both set and costume are marvelous, instantly transporting us to silent films and classic vaudeville. Characterization is clear and effective through each clown’s appearance. Subtle lighting design enhances the performance.”
-Showbill Victoria


“A wacky troupe of clowns take on WWII while tripping over one another, deflowering mops, and attempting cannibalism. It was very classic slapstick clown comedy, with trashy hobo-esque clowns clattering into each other, attempting to eat their fallen friends, casually murdering one another and taking obscenely loud squelching steps with wet socks. I loved the choreography and how much they tumbled around the stage like sad kittens in a drier. I also really loved the big red noses; I daresay they redeemed clowns for me.”

-Plank Magazine, Vancouver

“The performers make fantastic clowns, acing the art of pity and empathy.”
-Vue Weekly, Edmonton


"In The Trenches: A Double Feature is refreshingly progressive in its politics, and freeing in its energy... Surreal... Genius... Poignant and Funny"
-Mooney on Theatre (Toronto)

"Fresh and funny. The actors are extremely high energy and very physical, this kept the pace going at rapid speed. The commitment to their characters was extremely impressive. I had quite a few belly laugh moments... I left wanting more from this extremely talented troop."
-Jenny Revue (Winnipeg)

"I couldn’t help but like this very energetic and talented young troupe... Slick physical comedy... Book your tickets now."
-My Entertainment World (Toronto)

-Times Standard (California)

"An entertaining piece that had the full-house audience
roaring with laughter"
-North Coast Journal (California)



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That dog was
a band

Alternative Folk;
Members from Canada, Sweden, USA

Since 2013.



In 2017,
we played dozens of
shows in 5 countries
Currently booking our

2018 summer tour.

Back in 2013,

That Dog Was A Band Now formed at one of the best Physical Theatre & Clown schools in the world, located in the Redwoods of Northern California. Since, the band has toured Europe and North America extensively. After recording a 'live on the floor' EP in Eureka California during the Spring of 2016, the band was signed to Santa Rosa Records; Santa Rosa will be releasing an album recorded at a shipping container recording studio on a harbour in Denmark in August of 2017-- the album is being mastered by American music icon "Kramer" (Butthole Surfers, Ween, Daniel Johnston, Pulp Fiction soundtrack) and is set to be released in early March, 2018.

  From our 2017-2018 New Year's Eve show; we played a set at a corporate party event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to raise money for a local community charity

From our 2017-2018 New Year's Eve show; we played a set at a corporate party event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to raise money for a local community charity

  Headlining @ "Molotow" in Hamburg; a stage which has been graced by The White Stripes, Mumford & Suns, Frank Black, The Black Keys, and many more alternative icons

Headlining @ "Molotow" in Hamburg; a stage which has been graced by The White Stripes, Mumford & Suns, Frank Black, The Black Keys, and many more alternative icons

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Reach us at for inquiries regarding rate of pay, availability, and other such logistics.


We would love to come play, wherever you are.

Beware: our music has been known to cause dancing in places where dancing typically does not occur!


Summer 2018 tour dates


May 23. Cafe Gyngen. Aarhus, DK

May 24. Operaen. Christiania, Copenhagen, DK

May 25. Tjili Pop. Copenhagen, DK

May 26. Hansa 48. Kiel, DE (Henri Parker LP release)

May 30. Molotow. Hamburg, DE

May 31. Prinz Willy. Kiel, DE



June 1. Tonfink. Lubeck, DE

June 2. Camp Breakout. Susel DE

June 3. Monkey’s. Hamburg, DE

June 5. Cafe Marta. Bern, CH

June 6. Tessinerplatz. Zurich, CH

June 9. Cohen. Verona, IT

June 10. La Capannina Beach Pacengo. Lake Garda, IT

June 11. Prulcek. Ljubljana, SI

June 12. Trenutek. Ljubljana, SI

June 13. Bukowski. Bratislava, SK

June 14. Red Room. Prague, CZ

June 15. Wohnzimmerkonzert. Berlin, DE

June 15. Mirage. Berlin, DE

June 16. BLO-Ateliers. Berlin, DE

June 17. Innen Aussen Raum. Munich, DE

June 19. COCO Bar. Vienna, AT

June 22-24. FOLKEST FESTIVAL. Spilimbergo, IT (3 sets)
June 26. Lio Bar. Brescia, IT

June 28. Zileny Kricek. Trnava, SK

June 29. House Show. Dresen, DE



July 1. Hafen II. Offenbach, DE

July 3. Heldenbar. Bremen, DE

July 4. Artliners. Berlin, DE

July 5. Culture Container. Berlin, DE

July 6. John Bull Pub. Lund, SE

July 7. Far I Hatten. Malmo, SE

July 10. Crippas Cafe. Gothenburg, SE

July 11. Tyrolen i Blädinge, 'Olles Onsdag'. Alvesta, SE

July 13. PSB. Stockholm, SE

Juy 14. Private Show. Oland, SE

July 20. Fireside Brewing. Oland, SE

July 21. Private Wedding. Oland, SE

July 22. Garden Party. Oland, SE

July 23. Strickcafe. Bad-Meinberg, DE

July 24. Cafe Checkpoint Charlie. Amsterdam, NL

July 25. In 't Vrije. Bruges, BE

July 27. The Lime. Folkestone, UK

July 28. Stroud Brewery. Stroud, UK

July 29. The Old England (w/ Morning Tourist & Ead Wood) Bristol,


August 1. Fox & Firkin. London, UK

August 2. The Magic Garden. Battersea, London, UK

August 3. The Duke. Deptford, London, UK

August 4. Bar 35. Bude, Cornwall, UK

August 5. Hillybilly’s. Falmouth, UK

August 8. The Carriers Inn. Bude, Cornwall, UK

August 9. Marr’s Bar. Worcester, UK

August 10. Die Koffie Pot. Hereford, UK

August 11. The Hobbit. Southhampton, UK

August 12. The Spice of Life. Soho, London, UK

August 13. The Workshop Bar. Hoxton, London, UK

August 15. The Harrison. London, UK (w/ Folkroom)

August 16. Folkroom on the Sea. Brighton, UK

August 17. BATH FOLK FESTIVAL @ St James Wine Vaults. Bath, UK

August 18. The Cavern. Exeter, UK

August 19. Blues Cafe & Bar. Harrogate, UK (matinee show)

August 20. Marketbar. Inverness, Scotland

August 21-30?