After 70 shows in 13 countries in 100 days, we’re hibernating for winter. Stay tuned for updates, and read these nice things people have said about us in the meantime.

“That ‘Country’ thing… at least to European ears, it almost always remains an empty cliché. That is— apart from the very rare cases when musicians actually succeed in credibly translating the genre’s epic wanderlust into something new. If anybody is doing this, it’s definitely That Dog Was A Band Now. Four men from Northern America and Scandinavia who every now and then pass oceans for rehearsals, cover half continents with their tours – and, as it truly sounds, have retrieved the western frontier; it’s been found somewhere in the troubadour life, traveling from the bars of Vancouver to Copenhagen and Berlin all the way down to Rome. When the accordion pulls the horizon up close, the banjo plucks the roadhouse blues, and the vocals ask with a mischievous authenticity for sympathy with the musician’s heart, everything adds up to an almost tangible and beautifully elusive musical moment.”
-Florian Naumann, innen.außen.raum (Munich, DE)

“Just your standard Swedish Canadian Americana. That Dog Was A Band Now make warm, melody-heavy folk music that is instantly familiar. Even over headphones on a crowded commuter train, their music makes you feel like you're in a lively gig in a friendly bar in a town you've never been in, but that you want never to leave.“
-Stephen Rötzsch Thomas, Folkroom Records (London, UK)


Summer 2018 tour dates


May 23. Cafe Gyngen. Aarhus, DK

May 24. Operaen. Christiania, Copenhagen, DK

May 25. Tjili Pop. Copenhagen, DK

May 26. Hansa 48. Kiel, DE (Henri Parker LP release)

May 30. Molotow. Hamburg, DE

May 31. Prinz Willy. Kiel, DE



June 1. Tonfink. Lubeck, DE

June 2. Camp Breakout. Susel DE

June 3. Monkey’s. Hamburg, DE

June 5. Cafe Marta. Bern, CH

June 6. Tessinerplatz. Zurich, CH

June 9. Cohen. Verona, IT

June 10. La Capannina Beach Pacengo. Lake Garda, IT

June 11. Prulcek. Ljubljana, SI

June 12. Trenutek. Ljubljana, SI

June 13. Bukowski. Bratislava, SK

June 14. Red Room. Prague, CZ

June 15. Wohnzimmerkonzert. Berlin, DE

June 15. Mirage. Berlin, DE

June 16. BLO-Ateliers. Berlin, DE

June 17. Innen Aussen Raum. Munich, DE

June 19. COCO Bar. Vienna, AT

June 22-24. FOLKEST FESTIVAL. Spilimbergo, IT (3 sets)
June 26. Lio Bar. Brescia, IT

June 28. Zileny Kricek. Trnava, SK

June 29. House Show. Dresen, DE



July 1. Hafen II. Offenbach, DE

July 3. Heldenbar. Bremen, DE

July 4. Artliners. Berlin, DE

July 5. Culture Container. Berlin, DE

July 6. John Bull Pub. Lund, SE

July 7. Far I Hatten. Malmo, SE

July 10. Crippas Cafe. Gothenburg, SE

July 11. Tyrolen i Blädinge, 'Olles Onsdag'. Alvesta, SE

July 13. PSB. Stockholm, SE

Juy 14. Private Show. Oland, SE

July 20. Fireside Brewing. Oland, SE

July 21. Private Wedding. Oland, SE

July 22. Garden Party. Oland, SE

July 23. Strickcafe. Bad-Meinberg, DE

July 24. Cafe Checkpoint Charlie. Amsterdam, NL

July 25. In 't Vrije. Bruges, BE

July 27. The Lime. Folkestone, UK

July 28. Stroud Brewery. Stroud, UK

July 29. The Old England (w/ Morning Tourist & Ead Wood) Bristol,


August 1. Fox & Firkin. London, UK

August 2. The Magic Garden. Battersea, London, UK

August 3. The Duke. Deptford, London, UK

August 4. Bar 35. Bude, Cornwall, UK

August 5. Hillybilly’s. Falmouth, UK

August 8. The Carriers Inn. Bude, Cornwall, UK

August 9. Marr’s Bar. Worcester, UK

August 10. Die Koffie Pot. Hereford, UK

August 11. The Hobbit. Southhampton, UK

August 12. The Spice of Life. Soho, London, UK

August 13. The Workshop Bar. Hoxton, London, UK

August 15. The Harrison. London, UK (w/ Folkroom)

August 16. Folkroom on the Sea. Brighton, UK

August 17. BATH FOLK FESTIVAL @ St James Wine Vaults. Bath, UK

August 18. The Cavern. Exeter, UK

August 19. Blues Cafe & Bar. Harrogate, UK (matinee show)

August 20. Marketbar. Inverness, Scotland

August 21-30?


Press kit



That Dog Was A Band Now is a contemporary throwback to an unplugged, sincere, rebellious Americana that has been compared to everything from The Band to lots of other stuff that's not as good as The Band.

With members from Sweden and Canada, the band formed in the Redwoods of Northern California in late 2013 and has gone on to play hundreds of shows all over North America and Europe, including an exhaustive 100-day, 70-show tour of 13 European countries in 2018.

This summer, TDWABN is touring UK and Canada in order to spread the word about "What Came and Went"-- their most mature, well-crafted release yet. Recorded with their producer Eske Aller at DOK-57 in Svendborg, Denmark, the record features three renowned guest musicians from Southern Denmark's vibrant music scene, and was mastered by their creative partner KRAMER at Noise Miami (of Pulp Fiction, Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, and Butthole Surfers fame).

Selected Quotography:

"If anybody is credibly translating this genre's epic wanderlust, it's That Dog Was A Band Now"
-Florian Naumann, innen.außen.raum, Munich (DE)

"Even over headphones on a crowded commuter train, their music makes you feel like you're in a lively gig in a friendly bar in a town you've never been in, but that you want never to leave."
-Stephen Rötzsch Thomas, Folkroom Records (London, UK)

“Winners of the 'What Does Your Band Name Mean?' Award for the past five years”
-Bristol Live Magazine (UK)